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1. Born Fitness

Adam Bornstein delivers a no-bullsh*t approach to exercise and nutrition on Born Fitness with posts examining topics ranging from which meal plan is healthiest to why workouts shouldn’t be miserable to judging others by their appearances. Regardless of your fitness level, his words will make you stop and think in addition to providing the tools you need to power up your workouts, fuel your body right, and feel better than ever.

2. Girls Gone Strong

Spend just a few minutes on the self-declared “women’s fitness authority,” and you’ll see why the description is totally appropriate. No three-pound dumbbells here—Girls Gone Strong features workout tips for women who are into legit strength training. Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or just reinvigorate your workout routine, you’ll find all the advice, encouragement, and support you need here. We also love reading the profiles of kick-ass women who are killing it in their athletic endeavors—like an inspiring triathlete or a personal-trainer-slash-naturopathic-doctor.

3. Eat, Lift, and Be Happy

Blogger, personal trainer, and all-around badass Neghar Fonooni serves up equal parts fitness and nutrition tips and positive, empowering thoughts on self-love and self-acceptance on Eat, Lift, and Be Happy. (Case in point: Her inspiring blog post in honor of her muscular legs, titled “Confessions of a Quadzilla,” went viral.) While she doesn’t post as often as we’d like, when she does, it’s always a great workout or advice on loving your body that you can’t help but share with all your friends (or "friends").

4. Lift Like a Girl

These days, we like to think that doing anything “like a girl” is not even close to an insult. Fortunately, blogger Nia Shanks is here to reinforce that female-friendly weight lifting is anything but girly. On Lift Like a Girl, she empowers women of all sizes and from all backgrounds to start strength training with in-depth, detailed posts on topics like lifting (really) heavy weights, reasons why all women should strength train, and techniques for busting through plateaus. She also speaks candidly about recovering from bulimia and binge eating disorder.

5. Nerd Fitness

What do The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix have to do with weight loss and exercise science? Nerd Fitness can tell you! The comic book-esque design and images of superheroes will draw you in, but blogger Steve Kamb’s down-to-earth takes on topics like building muscle (not bulk), trying smarter (rather than trying harder), and putting fitness first will keep you there. Whether you’re really into gaming or you don’t know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, this blog delivers practical knowledge about exercise and nutrition to help you go from beginner to advanced in no time.

6. Remodel Fitness

It’s tempting to think fitness professionals—with their sculpted shoulders and superhuman endurance—aren’t “real” people. At Remodel Fitness, personal trainer Jessi Kneeland proves that she’s very much a “real” person, complete with self-doubt and insecurities. After learning to appreciate her strong yet feminine body, curves and all, she’s now on a mission to “save women from their own negative body image.” You’ll love her funny, well-written, and totally relatable posts about learning to love your body, feeling your best, and getting that little voice in your head (you know the one) to shut up.

7. YogaDork

If you’re more into saying “om” than counting reps, this blog is for you. YogaDork’s network of contributors report on all things yoga, from new research to the health benefits of yoga and meditation, with plenty of easy-to-read infographics, humorous posts, and instructional videos thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t matter whether you balance in tree pose while brushing your teeth or if you’re just beginning your yoga practice, YogaDork will welcome you with open arms—er, heart. Namaste.

8. Roman Fitness Systems

Some like it hot, and editor-in-chief John Romaniello, a.k.a. “Roman,” definitely likes his fitness writing spicy. With a mix of science-backed workout tips, nutritious recipes, and a totally candid tone, Roman Fitness Systems features bluntly named blog posts like “Strength Matters, Ya Big Sissy” and “New Years Resolution: Get Drunk, Not Fat.” Need more convincing? Not only has Roman helped thousands of clients achieve their fitness goals, but he too went through a major transformation from overweight teen to fitness model and professional trainer.

9. Tony Gentilcore

Strength coach Tony Gentilcore (whose last name sounds like a fitness brand on its own) trains pro athletes and soccer moms alike (his words, not ours) in his Boston sports performance center. On his blog, he brings his love of heavy lifting to the masses through his smart, realistic, and encouraging posts on topics from how to do a proper bench press or the form tip that matters most when squatting. When you’ve had your fill of strength training tips, check out his weekly roundups of what he calls “stuff to read while you’re pretending to work.” (We won’t tell your boss.)

10. FitBits

Motivating, funny, and totally relatable, U.K.-based FitBits follows the adventures of Tess Agnew, a former smoker and binge eater turned “fitness freak” and marathoner. If you’re all about finding a balance between HIIT classes, running, and good food (and wine), you’ll appreciate her witty writing on race recaps, training plans, restaurant reviews, and plentiful #foodporn posts. After reading about Agnew’s inspiring journey to regain her health, you can’t help but cheer along while she trains for her next impressive fitness endeavor.

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