What comes to your mind when you hear the word LabhLe?

In Punjabi, Labhले™means ‘To Find Something Around You’and in Hindi, Labhले™ means ‘Take Benefit


True to its meaning and a synonym to fitness, is here. For a simple reason,

With today’s lifestyles, wheretime is scarce and the need to get fit is ever increasing, LabhLe is your one stop destination to search for the fitness centers around you, defined by your search criteria.  Connected to over 1500 gyms currently, LabhLe ensures you won’t miss a fitness center in your vicinity, you choose the facility you want and all based on real user experience!


From best deals to newsletters on busting fitness myths, LabhLe is your guide of tips and tricks to Stay Fit. With the power in your palm, LabhLe offers fitness by just a few clicks.


All it takes is two simple steps:SEARCH & BENEFIT.